Porky Pig Burger

It’s Sunday as I write this, a lazy Sunday – as most are for me. The Raptors trail by a handful late in the 4th quarter and most likely the Nets will move on to round 2 of the NBA playoffs. It’s also top of the 6th and the Blue Jays are laying a hurt on the Pirates, including a mammoth grand slam by Colby Rasmus. The clock says 3:15 pm but my pajamas say this Sunday will forever be stuck on 8 am. My wife is away for the day so my schedule consists of flaking out, watching a game or two, and eating a burger.

GIF found at wifflegif.com

GIF found at wifflegif.com

The first two parts I can handle without any effort. The last part is trickier, I actually have to get off the couch and do some cooking. On days like this I lean on the motto, “simple is better”. No big cooking tricks, no fuss, no muss, and minimal cleanup. That’s why I’m making a “Porky Pig Burger”.

Found at themetapicture.com

Found at themetapicture.com

You might remember Porky Pig from the Looney Tune cartoons. He was the stuttering pig who was usually ended up on the receiving end of a bad day. I guess Porky Pig shouldn’t complain because he was never turned into bacon and roasts. Now that truly would have been a bad day for Porky Pig.

The one and only Porky Pig

The one and only Porky Pig

Moving on, the concept behind the Porky Pig Burger is pretty straight-forward. Bacon, peameal bacon, pig patty, and cheese. I’m not carving a new recipe path through the dangerous uncharted jungles of the culinary world. I’m just making something deliciously fatty and wonderfully tasty. It’s the perfect indulgent burger for a lazy day of couch surfing and television watching.

Cooking the Porky Pig Burger

There’s not a lot of prep to the Porky Pig burger other than cutting a bit of onion and forming pork patties. I used sausage meat (by un-casing some mild Italian sausage) to form the patties. Feel free to use other sausages, ground pork, or even beef patties. Next I cooked fried some bacon slices and grilled the peameal bacon.

What is Peameal Bacon?

There might be a few of you out there who never heard of peameal bacon so I’ll expand a bit on that. It’s a lean cured pork loin that is coated in cornmeal. Originally it was coated in peameal, but for whatever reason people began to use cornmeal but still kept the name the same. If I had to guess I would say because cornmeal is cheaper and more readily available. But the most important part to remember about peameal bacon is that it’s tender, moist, and delicious. My favorite way to prepare peameal bacon is on the grill. I like to cut peameal in 1/4 inch slices and then fire up the barbecue. It takes only a couple minutes a side to grill but really adds another layer of char flavor that pan frying can’t do.

I forgot to take a pic of raw peameal bacon so here is one from eatlikeagirl.com

I forgot to take a pic of raw peameal bacon so here is one from eatlikeagirl.com

Grilled Peameal bacon for the Porky Pig Burger

Grilled Peameal Bacon

Assembling the Porky Pig Burger

Yep, we’re at this point already. There really isn’t much to putting together the Porky Pig Burger. Start with a bit of mustard on the bottom and then some sliced onion. Follow that with a few slices of peameal bacon (which I covered in processed Swiss cheese). Next add the sausage patty (which I topped with processed cheddar – also known as American cheese). Lastly, give the patty a glorious crown of crispy bacon slices before finishing the whole thing off with a squirt of ketchup and a dollop of mayonnaise. Of course don’t be shy about adding your own flair. I think the Porky Pig burger would go well with a lot of toppings such as; lettuce, tomato, hot peppers, or sweet relish. Also, I chose processed cheese over real cheese because I just felt like something extra gooey and American cheese certainly doesn’t disappoint on the goo factor.

Assembling the Porky Pig Burger

How was the Porky Pig Burger?

Some days simple really is better. Some days there are no need for bells, whistles, and shiny little bobbles. The straight forward Porky Pig Burger is fatty, moist, juicy, cheesy, meaty, and a great burger for a lounge around day. Just like popcorn is the perfect snack for a movie, a burger like the Porky Pig just seems to fit the mood of a lazy Sunday.

Porky Pig Burger with top half off

Assembled Porky Pig Burger - Top on

Unfortunately the Toronto Raptors lost by a nail-biting, heartbreaking 1 point and so ends the season (damn you Pierce!) but I feel like a winner anyway. My belly is full of Porky Pig burger and since there are 130 more baseball games left this season, I can still say my last place Blue Jays have a chance at the World Series. And 130 games gives me 130 opportunities for eating a burger. 😉

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3 thoughts on “Porky Pig Burger

  1. Ann

    Why can’t a Toronto team actually win a series? They sure do enjoy coming awfully close. We’re fans of the TFC and although they just bought some big time talent, it hasn’t paid off just yet. I think if one of our sports teams actually won some kind of prize we’d fully exercise our top notch health care system because half the city would have a coronary.

    I had no idea where the name peameal came from! That’s going to be my new green pepper fact (my ex boyfriend used to re-tell the same interesting facts about a million times, and the one I heard most often was that a green pepper is actually just an unripe red pepper, so that is officially the name of a fun fact you tell over and over).

    And regarding your recipe – Delicious!! But I thought you were Kosher? (not)

    1. The Burger Nerd Post author

      Pigs dream of the day I go Kosher! And not to be cruel but they can continue to dream on because I plan on dying with a strip of bacon in my hand and a pork chop in my pocket.

      Yeah its a crying shame Toronto teams always seem to spend the money and accomplish nothing (save for 92′, 93′ Jays). Maybe we’re too laid back as fans and should tear into the players & coaches when they don’t perform. I heard NY city teams are afraid to fail because the fans will tear them a new a-hole. Nothing motivates a player better than some wild eye psycho fans uttering death threats.

      Btw, love the green pepper fact story. :)

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