Burger Love in P.E.I. – 92, 000 Burgers Sold

For those of you unfamiliar with Canada’s geographical regions, P.E.I. (Prince Edward Island) is a little chunk of land floating off the East Coast of Canada. It is Canada’s smallest province – both in population (140,000) and land mass (5,600 km2 or 3,500 miles2) but now it just might be my most favorite place on the entire planet. How can I not fall head over heels for a place that has a month of Burger Love?

PEI - Burger Love

A lovely pic of PEI

April has become the annual “Burger Love” month on Prince Edward Island. Burger Love might sound like a bunch of hippies who fell off the vegan wagon and now have a commune built around an open grill, but it’s not. Burger Love is a celebration of local P.E.I. beef by way of the greatest dish to ever grace the planet – the hamburger. The goal of Burger Love is for participating restaurants (54 of them this year) to only use locally raised beef in their hamburgers. This year’s Burger Love month was nothing short of a massive success. Considering the population of PEI is only 140, 000 – selling 92, 000 burgers in a month and having 1.1 million in burger sales is without a doubt, impressive.

There is this kind of “Burger Love”

Two burgers Kissing

Found at Cheezburger.com

And then there is a more healthy kind of Burger Love

Burger Love photo by ninalintonphotography.com

Burger Love photo by ninalintonphotography.com

On top of turning East Coasters into carnivorous beasts for a month, PEI’s Burger Love also gives some extra tender loving care to the “Most Beloved Burger” each year. The winner this year was “The Gatsby” served at Sim’s Corner Steakhouse & Oyster Bar and created by chef Kyle Panton. It’s a pretty tasty looking burger so big congrats to Sim’s Corner Steakhouse and also to chef Kyle Panton (as well as his kitchen brigade). A big congrats is also deserving to everyone in Prince Edward Island for supporting their local beef industry, as well as my personal thanks for helping to turn folks on to the joys of burgers.

The Gatsby - PEI Burger Love - Sims Corner Steakhouse

The award winning Gatsby Burger by Sim’s Corner Steakhouse.

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8 thoughts on “Burger Love in P.E.I. – 92, 000 Burgers Sold

  1. PEI Burger Love

    Thanks for spreading the beefy news about our campaign! We are Canada’s smallest but tastiest province. And we like to think we are the Burger Capital of Canada. If you ever make it our way, make sure it’s in April. That’s when our grills will be back on. Although Island Beef is 365. Cheers!

    1. The Burger Nerd Post author

      My pleasure PEI Burger Love. I think it is a great idea and wish Burger Love nothing but success in the future. I will definitely do my best to make it there and experience the culinary delights of the tastiest Province and the beauty of PEI firsthand.

  2. Ann

    PEI rocks. Cooking lobsters in beach barbeque huts that are there expressly for that purpose is normal there. Need I say more?

    I think you need to apply for a burger grant so that you can attend burger month next year, Burger Nerd. It would be for the good of culture and sustainability or some crap like that.

    1. The Burger Nerd Post author

      Beach huts for lobster cooking sounds amazing. I’m sold on PEI. Although you’re joshing around (yes I’m bringing “joshing” back) knowing the gov’t, I probably could apply for some sort of Burger Grant. They “give away” all sorts of money for even worse ideas than lobsters and burgers :)

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