Best Lunch Food At Famous Fast Food Chains!

You would be eagerly expecting your lunch time especially if you haven’t had time to have your breakfast or if you have worked a lot in the morning and are looking to fill up your stomach for lunch. Also, you would be needing this break to rejuvenate yourself.

Meanwhile, you will have specific favorites for yourself to eat regularly and if that restaurant is nearby, then you would not waste time, would you?

Now, the most important thing is we have listed out some great food items you can find in some of the famous restaurants.

McDonalds: Fries

Fries? Of course. Everyone knows French Fries are the best at McDonalds. I doubt there will be strong arguments against this. There are several restaurants that have better burgers, but Fries? I don’t think so. You can have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner, anytime. Mentioning about Lunch – 

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Five Guys: Cheeseburger

Cheeseburger is the standout item at Five Guys. In fact, along with In-N-Out, their burgers are very popular and most followed by their customers.

Chick-Fil-A: Waffle Fries

If you love French Fries at McDonalds, you will love the Waffle Fries at the Chick-Fil-A. Personally, I like their Chicken nuggets as well. And beware of their lunch timings as well.

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Subway: BLT

My personal favorite is BLT too, and Tuna melt as well. Try their footlong subs and you will never order anything else later.

Popeyes:  Biscuits

What a sensation these Biscuits are? They are very very popular around the country and even today, they are the best sellers. Tips – try their Fried Chicken too, they are as good as well.

Panera: Mac & Cheese

If you like Mac & Cheese, Panera should be your destination. They are just delicious and mouth-watering.

In-N-Out: Double-Double

As already told, their burgers are top notch. Especially, their Double-Double is the  best burger, hands down. At Least for us.

Taco John’s: Potato Oles

If you love Potato dishes, other than French fries, try Taco Johns. Their Potato John’s is the best in the town.

Arby’s: Curly Fries

Yet another Potato dish, this time it’s the Curly Fries. Arby’s gets a point here. Apart from this, their Roast Beef Sandwich is also good.

Wendy’s: Dave’s Single Cheeseburger

Along with Five Guys’s Cheeseburger, Wendy’s also serves some great Cheeseburgers, especially their Single.

Panda Express: Orange Chicken

What else? Orange Chicken became synonymous with Panda express. If you haven’t tried this, do it now.

White Castle: Sliders

If sliders are your things, White Castle is your home from now on. Their sliders are perfect for what they are meant to do. Slides in you!