Simple Cocktails To Make From Things Available From Kitchen!

Kitchen is full of necessary food items like Vegetables, Spices and Fruits, in addition to breads, rice and other things. 

If we could convince you that you can make good cocktails from basic ingredients found in your home kitchen, then you would be surprised or even urged to try one today!

Of course you need liquor for this, and I am sure you would have one if you are thinking of making a cocktail today! Even if you don’t have one, buying one is not a hard task at all!

Let us see some of the easiest cocktails you can make at home!

Lemon Drop Shots:

This is one of the easiest drinks to make and to consume. Lemon always has that ability to blend well with cocktails and provide a balance to the overall experience. 

In this cocktail, fresh lemon juice when mixed with Vodka and Sugar syrup gives a refreshing tangy feeling for this summer.

Ingredients: Vodka, Simple Syrup (or sugar cubes), Fresh Lemon Juice

Click here for Lemon Drop Shots recipe

Salted Nut Roll Shot:

All you need in Peanuts from your Kitchen shelf and some Heavy Cream and Salt. This cocktail gives a Peanut flavor and those who generally like Peanuts will love this drink. 

Add some salt on the glass rim and you will feel a distinguished taste from the drink.

Ingredients: Peanut Butter Whiskey, RumChata, Frangelico Liqueur, Heavy Cream, Chopped Peanuts for garnish, Salt for rimming

Read here for Salted Nut Roll Shot Recipe

Bloody Mary:

Just squeeze some juice from Tomatoes in your Kitchen and mix it up with Vodka. You get your Bloody Mary. Some people also add a little bit of Lemon juice, but it’s up to your wish. 

Ingredients: Vodka, Tomato Juice, Lemon Juice

Whiskey Highball:

The simplest cocktails, or I would say just Drinks, is to mix your Whiskey with either Ginger Ale or just plain Club Soda whatever is available with you. This drink will give a fuzzy feeling, and with high quality Whiskey, you will feel the excitement.

Ingredients: Whiskey, Club Soda or Ginger Ale

Cuba Libre:

The simplest variation of Rum and Coke is to add Lime Juice to it and it tastes brilliant. 

You can definitely make this and have a sultry evening. 

Ingredients: Rum, Coke, Lime Juice


Can you mix your Beer with lemonade? Why not? Try adding lemonade to any of your Lagers or Wheat Beers, and they taste refreshing and different. A definite starter pack!

Ingredients: Lager Beer, Lemonade


Mojitos are famous worldwide. All you need is a good quality Rum and some kitchen items like Sugar, mint leaves, lime and club soda. Muddle your mint leaves, lime with sugar, add Club soda and then Rum. Mojito is ready!

Ingredients: White Rum, Club Soda, Mint leaves, Sugar, Lime